Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Village

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Christmas Village in Ogden. They had such a good time! We waited in line FOREVER to have the kids sit on the lap of the world's grumpiest Santa! (Oh well, the kids didn't seem to mind!)

On Thursday, Logan had a Polar Express Party at school. All the kids got to go to school in their pajamas and they watched the polar express and decorated gingerbread houses. Here are some pictures of Logan's little gingerbread house.

Also here are a few of my favorites from October and November.

Feeding the ducks at the duck pond in Layton.

I took the kids to the Treehouse Children's Museum a few weeks ago. Logan got to take home "Licorice the bear" and he had to draw pictures of everything he did while Licorice was staying with him. He kept drawing pictures of "driving in the car" so I figured the trip was necessary!

This is the typical holiday at the Stephens house! On Thanksgiving, David found a laundry basket, and somehow decided it was a good idea for him and my kids to ride down the steps in it. *sigh*