Thursday, June 25, 2009

wuv you

So Jonah is talking a little more each day. He has a few little sentences that he'll say. Mostly "Shut up," (Not the best, I know) and "Where are you?"
Today, I said "I love you honey," and kissed him on the head. Jonah said "Kiss again!" So I gave him another kiss and he said "Wuv you." It totally made my morning!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I would tell my grandma.

My grandma died yesterday. I watched most of the day as the life seemed to fade from her body.

My Grandma Glanville taught me so much in my life, but the more I reflect on her life and her example I realize that there was one clear message, "There is nothing more important than family and religion." My grandma would do anything she was asked to in the name of her family or her God.
Grandma taught by example. When she was well, she was always (and I mean ALWAYS) baking cookies or breads, or something else delicious to give to her kids and her grandkids. After my grandpa died, grandma kept busy by making us her delicious treats. Her house will always smell like brown sugar and love.
I remember cherishing my time with her...both as a child and as an adult. Grandma loved all of her kids and grandchildren so much. There are so many memories she made with each of us. My favorites were when we would play "The old lady and the broom," or when we would have spook allys in her basement. I especially loved all of the family parties. Grandma's house was the gathering spot for most celebrations growing up.
Once when grandma was in her 70s, she came to Lagoon with our family. I remember that I wanted to go on the roller coaster so badly, but no one else wanted to go. Grandma said "C'mon Lauralee, I'll ride the roller coaster with you!" I will never forget the look on her face as we descended that first hill. She screamed the entire I think about it now, it still makes me smile.
In her later years when she could no longer care for herself, she came to stay with my mom. I will always be thankful for that time she spent there. My boys got to really know their "Grandma Great"
We got to be with her and cherish her in her final years, what a blessing!
Grandma was the queen of service. No matter how much she gave to all of us in her life, it was hard for her to finally accept the help of her family, but what a blessing it was to us!
When I got divorced, it was Grandma that let me stay in her beautiful house. It was such a wonderful place of healing for me and it was so great for me to make memories with my boys in a place that still holds such a special place in my heart.

Her final message to all of our family was to tell us all to always be close to the Lord and our church.

What would I tell her if I could say anything to her now?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Thank you for the unconditional love and acceptance, thank you for your wonderful example, your service, and your unwaivering testimony. Thank you for being my Grandma!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

at a loss

Ok. so about a week ago I took the cutest pictures of Logan helping Robert mow the lawn. Sorry
it took me so long to post them!

Now for other news, we had to get rid of Robert's cat because one of her favorite passtimes was biting my kids in the face. Robert has really been missing Katie (his cat) and so I got him a kitten. Now the problem is that none of us can think of a good name for her. She is a calico and has beautiful coloring. The only name that the kids have come up with is "poop stain" and the answer to that is still no. So anyone that has any suggestions as to what to name out kitty, leave a comment with a suggestion. Maybe we'll use it (unless of course your suggestion is poop stain...then the answer is still no!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yard Sale

We found a home for Robert's cat. It seems to be a good fit, a widow who lives by herself in a condo. She doesn't work...and has plenty of time to cater to the spoiledness of the cat. I do kind of miss her. It's been weird not to have her meowing at me. I won't miss the biting though.
It was kind of weird because the add I posted was like "This cat is horrible with kids, she bites, she hates other animals, she gets jealous of other people and pees on their things, she has a stomach condition and vomits so she has to eat special food that's $20 a bag, and she's kind of a princess." I posted it on KSL classifieds and within a day...had someone who wanted this cat. It makes you wonder if there is anything someone won't take if it's listed as free.

Onto other news, we are going to have a yard sale on Saturday June 20. As a family we are trying to raise $1000. Robert withdrew from school for us to get married. Because of that, he has to pay $1000 to be able to use his financial aid. So we're having the yard sale to try and raise some money. We have tons and tons of stuff! Be sure to come!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking for a home for Robert's cat

SO we're looking for a home for Robert's cat. She's a princess, and loves to have one person to herself. Don't think of taking her if you are married, because she will pee on the belongings of your spouse (she gets jealous). Don't even consider it if you have kids. (she's declawed, but she's a biter.) Any takers? Didn't think so.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out with the old....

Between Robert and I, we have more stuff than we know what to do with. That being said, I haven't scrapbooked in over a year. So I'm going through all of my stuff (it fills an entire room in my house) and I'm selling it all. Anyone looking for a cheap die cut machine, dies and lots of other stuff give me a buzz (
As for us, things are going well, I'm excited to get the boys back from their dad today, it's always lonely when they are gone.