Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok. So I've basically had it with being fat. I'm done. Well, ok. I hope I'm done. I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to try, once again, to lose some weight. So, I've been religious. SO careful with what I eat. And the pay off after all these months, I've lost 2 pounds. Wow. So if I keep that up. in 74 months, I'll be where I need to be. That's just fabulous.
This isn't my first weight loss attempt. In fact, there is a very small portion of my life where I don't remember being on a diet. I can remember being on a diet in second grade.
I started thinking, it has NEVER worked for me. (the whole diet thing) I'm thinking of something drastic like gastric bypass. Right now, we're going through the paperwork etc to see if the insurance will pay for it because I have type 2 diabetes, most likely sleep apnea, and a lot of "fat girl" symptoms, like continuous knee and back pain. All of which will most likely be improved with gastric bypass. I didn't know this until I attended the classes, but type 2 diabetes can be cured simply with the surgery. It's an absorption issue, but without losing a single pound, diabetes can be eliminated with the surgery.
Even if the surgery is covered by insurance, there is a good portion we'll have to pay for ourselves, so we're trying to figure all of that out.
I'm actually really excited about all of this. I've researched the diet you have to eat following the surgery and I think I'm prepared. I have a consultation with Dr. Sherman Smith next week. Dr. Smith did his residency with my Uncle Dean, and I guess is pretty well known for his work as a bariatric surgeon.
Anyways, I feel good about my decision and feel like everything is going to work out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ok, I have no life.

Sorry for the generic catch up post, I work graves and basically have no life. Here's what has been happening around here in a nutshell.

In February, Robert and I celebrated our first anniversary. For our reception, I ordered a kind of elaborate wedding cake, The lady that was going to make it never showed up, and never returned my calls. She did so kindly email me and say that she forgot the date. So we didn't have the 1 year old wedding cake top to eat. Not wanting to miss out on two traditions I ordered a little cake from a bakery in Kaysville called "Sugar Daisy Bakery." Rarely, and I mean rarely am I in aw of anything. So often people do the bare minimum for what you pay them. My cake was $30 and I told her to make it pretty. She did a great job. Not only was it pretty, it was one of the most delicious cakes I've ever eaten. The bakery specializes in cupcakes...but oh man, that is some darn good cake!!!

We stayed in a cabin at the Alaskan Inn, and it was lovely. It wasn't "the nicest place I've ever stayed" which was how it was described to me...but nothing as far as bed and breakfasts in Utah will ever compare to Kay Malone's Wolfekrest. I think I am just kind of a snob and I don't really dig the whole "theme" rooms. I much prefer the posh.

It was a great weekend and a fun getaway.
For those of you who are unaware, I am currently working two jobs. I work full time at Delta Airlines (graves) and then part time writing for the Standard-Examiner.

So during my online sabbatical, the boys both celebrated their birthdays.
For Jonah's 3rd Birthday in March, we had a transformers theme. We went and got gourmet cupcakes at the sugar daisy bakery, we went to "How to Train Your Dragon" and we had a party at grandpa and grandma's house complete with transformer pinata.This is my brother David jumping on the tramp with the boys. He got tickled pretty adequately.

For some reason David and Lisa (my siblings) both thought it would be a great idea to put tatoos on my kids. It did emotional damage. Each time you put a sticker on Jonah now he has to make sure it comes off.

We also had Easter. We got each of the boys a new church outfit for Easter. Don't they look cute?
Robert sent me these

For Logan's 5th birthday in April, we had a "How to train your dragon" theme, but there weren't any kid movies playing that they hadn't seen. Logan opted for me to make his cake instead of the gourmet cupcakes. He picked his cake with pink frosting. (his favorite color is pink) Again, we had a big party at our house and then at grandma's house too.

OK, you've all witnessed the ghetto-ness of my family. When I was little, we NEVER had wrapping paper. I mean NEVER. My mom always "wrapped" our presents in towels. I promised myself I would never do that. This year I even bought wrapping paper. I just never had a chance to wrap them, so my kids opened presents out of plastic bags. I know. It's awful.