Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Maude...

Okay here are the rules: You link back to the person who tagged you, Post the rules on your blog, Share six unimportant things about yourself & tag six random people at the end of your entry. Enjoy the result!

1. I love to write!

2. I am a registered Democrat

3. I love to camp

4. Logan is named after X-Men

5. I love to sing

6. I like to take photos.

I tag Amy, Maryanne, S. Le, Jon (the storyteller), Kim, Mimi

Things I Learned Today

Church was, as usual difficult. I count the minutes until Jonah can go to nursery! Today, when he was thrashing in sacrament meeting, I nearly took the family home. I nearly bagged it this week. When he was letting out these shrieking squeals in the middle of Sunday school, I nearly got up and pulled Logan out of nursery...and dragged the whole family home. I didn't thankfully. I would have missed one of the best lessons that I have ever sat through. One of the brothers in our ward, brother Maw taught the lesson. He is one of the coolest guys that I have ever met. 8 years ago, he was in a tumbling accident that left him a quadrapoligic. He was the mascot at Weber State University and had olympic dreams. He showed a video of him doing these acrobatic-style flips. It was amazing! He talked about how his dream of the olympics and competing was taken from him. Inspite of all of that he is able to go on and laugh about it. He doesn't blame the Lord. He doesn't sit in self pity. I think that is why people are drawn to him, because he has some amazing insight on life. He said some things that I have never really thought of before. He said many times people feel like those who are faithful to the teachings of the gospel should be spared hard times. He said if that were the case, Jesus would have had the easiest life, free of pain or trials. Instead, he died on the cross, suffering unimaginable pain. It's something to think about. Our trials aren't taken from us just because we are faithful. We are able to deal with them with a smile because we know that our Savior Jesus Christ has been there. He knows how we feel. He feels our pain. He loves us and is there for us.
I am so thankful I was in there. It was the little bit of peace needed. It's amazing how when you're least expecting it...the Lord brings you the messages you need to hear!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Misty tagged me to do this...

Two names you go by:
• Lauralee
• honey
(I have never had a nickname)

Two things I'm wearing right now:
T shirt and jeans

Two longest car rides:
•Grand canyon
•Idaho is ALWAYS a long ride

Two of my favorite things to do:
• Take pictures and spend time with my family
• write (I guess that is 3)

The two things you want very badly right now:
• A completed Bach. Degree
• Debt Free

Two animals you have or have had:
• Lewis (dog)
• Clark (dog)
They're the only pets I've ever had except for a rabbit named Rolly, who was really like my dad's pet.

Two people who will fill this out:
Probably no one.

Two things you ate today:
• Lemon pie
• hot dog

Two people you last talked to:
• My mom
• The lady at the bank

Name two things you are doing tomorrow:
• Cooking
• Cleaning

Two favorite holidays:
• My birthday
• Christmas

Two favorite beverages:
• Lemonade
• fruit punch
(I have never been a fan of carbonation)

I tag everybody who is reading this!

Four-wheeling Fun!

Well, I haven't blogged in a few days...We just got back from a 4-wheeling trip. It was SO FUN!

Logan and I on one of the four-wheelers, though my mom never would actually let me drive (even on a flat surface) with him on my lap. She was fine with David zooming at 40 mph down massive embankments of sand with him on his lap...but eh, go figure.

Jonah loved playing inside of grandma and grandpa's trailer.

This is the GIANT beetle that david stepped on when he put his shoe on. The bug guts that got on his foot gave him the nastiest burn. It was disgusting...just thought I'd share.

Monday, June 23, 2008

YAY! Half done!

If this pizza were my new class...the pizza is how much I have left!! (YAY half done with it!) And yes...I am hungry! Stupid "biggest loser" club. Gonna kill me!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Update on Jenn

As you all know, my cousin Jennifer has cancer. She had to have a shunt placed in her brain several weeks ago. Apparently having a shunt puts you at a greater risk for spinal meningitis. She has that, and her mom said she is worse than she has ever seen her. The spinal meningitis is growing out of the shunt onto her head. She was crying to her mom that she was so sad that she has missed two months of her little boys life. It's so sad. She may not have much time left, and the last two months of his life, she's missed out on because she is too sick to take care of him. She told her mom that she doesn't know if she can fight anymore, she said she is tired.

My boys have been sick and I have slept very little. Now I have the same crap they had. I can get up and care for them. I may have bad days...but they've never been that bad. I will never complain again!!!

Please pray for Jenn and her family. They've got a lot of trials still ahead of them.

Friday, June 20, 2008

To sleep (that would be nice)

I had a bunch of stories last night that I needed to get submitted. Because Jonah has been sick, I hadn't accomplished much. A couple of my stories were complicated enough that I was up until about 2:15 a.m. finishing them. Now, that would have been fine, but at 2:15 I heard the shrieking squeel of Jonah. He screamed for over two hours. I have no idea why. I rocked him, sang to him,fed him, loved him...It didn't matter, he screamed. Because my kids don't do makes me SO anxious. Well, his shrieks woke Logan who stood in front of me in the rocking chair and sobbed "DON'T HOLD JONAH, HOLD LOGAN!" So between 3:00 am-4:45 I rocked two very sad little boys. Layton leaves for work about 4:40-4:45 when he left, he put Logan in his bed. Jonah, was ready to play. He kept giggling. GRR! Finally, by 6:30 Jonah fell back to sleep and I crawled into bed. At 7:30 I heard Logan "Momma? Momma? Where you go?" I sat up and there he was standing at the edge of my bed. He said "I want to rock." I rocked him and we both fell asleep until 8:45 when Jonah woke up.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Frickin' Irritated!

Ok, I don't really consider myself a whiner....BUT WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH GAS PRICES?
Now, I remember when I was in high school and the price of gas dropped to .98 a gallon. I filled my old piece of crap Dodge Spirit for $12. I got in trouble for not giving my mom the change back from $15., before I left for class, I put in $20. I wasn't expecting miracles or anything...just for the gas gage to make it above the red warning line (that's right above the E) That didn't happen. NOW WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG HERE? It's like buying frickin' caviar to put in my car!!!! It's gasoline, not imported wine! Am I missing something? So after my trip to the DATC and walmart...I am sitting below empty. (Really lucky my vehicle operates on fumes actually) Now, my problem sits with the fact that when I was in high school, minimum wage was $5.50 an hour. It's now $6.55 an hour. The price of gas has nearly quadrupled...and yet we've only seen minimum wage increase by 28%. There has been a 408% increase in the price of gas. Because of the cost of gas, everything costs more. If you have taken a trip to the grocery store in the last couple of weeks, I'm sure you feel my pain! Thankfully, I don't make $6.55 an hour, but there are some people out there who do! They have to drive just like everyone else. It's ludicrous to imagine someone who makes only $52 a day having to pay $8 (or 15% of their daily income)in gas to get to and from work!
It may not do anything, but I effective immediately I am implimenting a Lauralee ban on gasoline. I am going to walk EVERYWHERE! It's a matter of principle! It may not bring down gas prices, but at least I won't be this irritable!


happy dance

I finished my computer class today! Commence happy dancing!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Daddy!

My bishop read this in sacrament meeting and I just wanted to share it because it really does reflect the parent child relationship.
I did change one word (to prevent swearing)

My Daddy
By Ann Landers

W hen I was 4 years old: My daddy can do anything.
W hen I was 5 years old: My daddy knows a whole lot.
W hen I was 6 years old: My dad is smarter than your dad.
W hen I was 8 years old: My dad doesn't know exactly everything.
W hen I was 10 years old: In the olden days, when my dad grew up, things were sure different.
W hen I was 12 years old: Oh, well, naturally, Dad doesn't know anything about that. He is too old to remember his childhood.
W hen I was 14 years old: Don't pay any attention to my dad. He is so old-fashioned.
W hen I was 21 years old: Him? My goodness, he's hopelessly out of date.
W hen I was 25 years old: Dad knows about it, but then he should, because he has been around so long.
W hen I was 30 years old: Maybe we should ask Dad what he thinks. After all, he's had a lot of experience.
W hen I was 35 years old: I'm not doing a single thing until I talk to Dad.
W hen I was 40 years old: I wonder how Dad would have handled it. He was so wise.
W hen I was 50 years old: I'd give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk this over with him. Too bad I didn't appreciate how smart he was. I could have learned a lot from him.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell my dad how much I love him. I hope it doesn't take me 50 years to realize all that I can learn from him!
My dad is the kindest, most gentle person that I know. (and the best daddy ever!)
I have so many wonderful memories that were made as a child because my daddy loved me enough to spend time with me.
One of the best memories getting out our american flag and carrying it, and then we had these toy musical instraments that we would play and he would carry a tape recorder playing patriotic music as we marched around the neighborhood in our very own parade.
He used to attach our sled to the back of his old volkswagen bug and pull us around the block. (funnest thing EVER)
Neighbor kids used to come and ask if my DAD could play.
My dad is the calmest person I have ever met. Honestly if their house started on fire, I am certain that he would say to my mom, "Dear, we have a problem."
The biggest thing that I have learned from my dad is "Don't sweat the small stuff."
What I love about my dad is his gentle kindness. Just a few months ago, Layton had just gotten his job with fersenius and I was home alone every night. I spent a lot of time at my parents house because I was so lonely. My dad followed us home everynight and went in side my house to make sure we were all locked in safe (and to check for boogey men, I guess). Every night.
We had camp trips and rafting adventures because that was his priority: Spending time with us. I was a pretty difficult teenager, but I have no memory of ever being yelled at by my dad.

Thanks Dad, I love you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Best birthday present EVER!

The elder's quorum from our ward is here this morning doing sheetrock in our basement! I can't even describe the excitedness that I am feeling right now! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy *sigh* Birthday to *sigh* me...

So my birthday is on Saturday. It's one of those things...that I'm not very excited about. Normally I LOVE my birthday! Not this year. This year I will turn *gulp* 29!!!!! It's like celebrating the death of my youth!

I have tried not to deal with it, or talk about the hopes that it is not going to happen. I realize now...That is not going to happen!

SO it's time for my yearly unachievable birthday list!

1.World Peace
2. Equal Rights for all people
3. A new laptop (more important than item 1)
4. A little girl (more important that items 1 and 3...and maybe 2...I'm undecided)
5. A democratic president...which will provide items 1 and 2 (ok, maybe not...but it would sure help!)
6. A red 1964 1/2 Ford mustang
7. A monkey (haven't you always wanted a monkey?)
8. A new house (with no plumbing issues) more important than items 1-7
9. Nikon D3 camera with lenses (available at without lenses for the amazing price of $4,999.99)

10. To be done with school....:)
11. An elephant.
12. A million dollars (If I had a million dollars, I'd be rich)

Miracles for McKay

This is one of the articles that I have been working on over the past couple of days. I LOVE these people. They are one of the sweetest families that I have ever met! I am posting this because it was only in the Davis Plus section (not the Weber)
Copy and paste the code at the bottom into the address field if it doesn't work as a link

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have finished all of my course work for my first class at the DATC. I am taking the media design program there. My instructor has not been there in two weeks and none of the substitute teachers have access to the I have 13 tests to take before I can move on...and I am stuck. My teacher is only there 50% of the time. The rest of the time there are people teaching this class who are highly under-qualified. The subsitute on Friday actually said to me "What is Access again?"

Um, it's the computer program that you're supposed to be teaching me...but thank you for wasting my time and money!

If I am being taught by someone who is less qualified...who is making less than my regular teacher, I should be paying less in tuition!!!

I am graded on attendance and have to attend 90% or more of my classes...Why doesn't my instuctor have to attend the same amount?

Anyways, as soon as my teacher decides to go to school...I will be done with the class!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


As many of you know, in December, our basement was flooded and we had to tear out pretty much everything. It has been very hard since. We have been living in essentially 600 square feet of living space since then. We installed a drain system so we don't have to worry about the flooding anymore. My uncle drew came and helped us get all of the framing done. We don't really know what we're doing when it comes to drywall...and I am so thankful for the awesome people in our ward who are going to come this saturday to work and help us get this done! What a blessing our friends and neighbors in this ward are! We just happened to mention to our home teachers that it was killing us and that we needed to get the basement done! They are just so great. Within a few weeks..this was scheduled to get it done.

(Anyone wanting to come and help is welcome! We'll have breakfast and lunch here!)

Just a thought

I was sitting in the living room writing tonight. I had a lot to do...three stories that need to be turned in by the end of tomorrow. At that particular moment, I had none of the stories completed and it felt like they weren't going to get done. (I now have 2 out of 3 turned in already)I was so frustrated. I stared at my computer screen giving it the evil eye...because the words would just not come to me. Logan stood there watching me quietly for a few moments and then he said "Momma, are you happy?"
I looked at him...there he stood with his big beautiful eyes staring at me...waiting for an answer. I wanted to say "Right now I am stressed, go play!" but I didn't. I looked at him, gave him a hug and said "I am very happy honey." Then he crawled into my lap and said "Momma, are you telling stories?" Then he closed the screen on my computer and said "Put the puter (computer) down, it's making you naughty!"
When did he get so smart? I am so very happy though. I am so thankful for my two sweet little boys, they are the sunshine in my life!


I have three stories that I am working on...they are a little time consuming (but wonderful!)...Plus I am really close to finishing a class in school. In other words, the blogs are going to be slow for the next couple of days. I have so much to blog about, I'll be writing for weeks (but it will have to wait!!)

In talking to a few people I have mentioned that I love (and I mean LOVE) New Foundland Dogs. They are known as the gentle giants of the dog world. Very kind and patient. I promised to post some photos of these dogs

(the dog I'm getting someday)
I must explain my fascination with this amazing animal. I have always loved dogs, since I was a little girl (and wasn't allowed to have a pet) I have always dreamed of the day when I was grown and would be able to have a dog of my I have two. (Lewis and Clark...I love them!) A year ago, We went to park city for my birthday. After a day of shopping, we went to eat at some restaurant where the food was really sick. On our way to the car I noticed this GIANT rug. I said to my mom, "Look at that bear rug!!!" All of the sudden the bear rug moved! My first thought was seriously "Oh, my gosh, how weird-it's a robot!" It was the biggest dog I have ever seen (MUCH larger than a St. Bernard or Great Dane) I walked up to the owner...because I had to know about this dog! He looked like a Big honkin' bear cub. I said to her (very timidly) "Can I pet your dog?" The lady was so nice (she probably thought I was nuts!) I reached down to pet this dog and he licked my wrist. His tongue was at least an inch wider than my whole wrist.
Since then, I have loved this dog...Short story is a picture of a Newfoundland dog.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Making Difference

I had the priviledge of meeting some of the people planning a fundraiser to help this sweet family buy a wheelchair accessable van so their entire family can ride together in one car. Sometimes small things we do can impact others in such a phenominal way.

Tomorrow is an opportunity to help support this sweet family and their friends and neighbors who are organizing this. If you don't have anything to do tomorrow, go to the Voice Male concert at Layton High School. (at 7:30 pm) It's a great thing for families. It's only $7 per person and all money will go towards helping this sweet family buy a van with a wheelchair lift!

For more information on this family, check out the blog their friends have created at

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A call for stories

I am looking for some great story ideas. What I am looking for is anything fun, unusual, interesting, or touching. (Anything that you would be interested in if a friend were to tell you!) I am looking for stories that would be features with photos. PLEASE Let me know if you have anything that might work!

Email me at



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Riddle

Does anyone know what will remove permanent marker from the paint of a car?

ANSWER: Aerosol hairspray

Now the question I'm sure that you're asking...

Last night, someone used permanent marker to write all over the car my parents let us use. (Nope, it's not even our car!!!)

We're fairly certian of who it was..but no one saw it happen, so there is nothing that we can do about it.

Luckily we were able to get most of it out! (have I mentioned in this post that I hate people?)

Anyways, We had a conflict with our neighbors a few days ago.
My neighbor Dave walked past my house and said using some choice language "My wife is a lunatic. She just slashed her wrists."
Then he proceeds to say that he's not going to call the cops because she's not worth the hassle.

Um, ok.

Having dealt with a suicide in my own family, it's not something I take lightly. I called the police.

Then I packed the kids up and got out of the house.

Whenever the police come there, and it's fairly often...there is lots of screaming and f bombs are dropped left and right. As I was leaving the police arrived. My neighbor kept saying "I didn't mean for her to call the police."

The police told him "Well then don't tell people things like that!"

His wife still gave me the look of death as the loaded her into the police car

From the information I recieved, our car was vandalized within 5 hours of her bailing out of jail. The thing that is so crazy is...These people are in their 50s. It's not like they're teenagers, or anywhere close to teenagers. Good grief, It's time to grow up and handle things like an adult!

So I guess there is a lunatic after me....anyone know what will remove a lousy neighbor from a cute little neighborhood?