Monday, June 16, 2008

Frickin' Irritated!

Ok, I don't really consider myself a whiner....BUT WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH GAS PRICES?
Now, I remember when I was in high school and the price of gas dropped to .98 a gallon. I filled my old piece of crap Dodge Spirit for $12. I got in trouble for not giving my mom the change back from $15., before I left for class, I put in $20. I wasn't expecting miracles or anything...just for the gas gage to make it above the red warning line (that's right above the E) That didn't happen. NOW WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG HERE? It's like buying frickin' caviar to put in my car!!!! It's gasoline, not imported wine! Am I missing something? So after my trip to the DATC and walmart...I am sitting below empty. (Really lucky my vehicle operates on fumes actually) Now, my problem sits with the fact that when I was in high school, minimum wage was $5.50 an hour. It's now $6.55 an hour. The price of gas has nearly quadrupled...and yet we've only seen minimum wage increase by 28%. There has been a 408% increase in the price of gas. Because of the cost of gas, everything costs more. If you have taken a trip to the grocery store in the last couple of weeks, I'm sure you feel my pain! Thankfully, I don't make $6.55 an hour, but there are some people out there who do! They have to drive just like everyone else. It's ludicrous to imagine someone who makes only $52 a day having to pay $8 (or 15% of their daily income)in gas to get to and from work!
It may not do anything, but I effective immediately I am implimenting a Lauralee ban on gasoline. I am going to walk EVERYWHERE! It's a matter of principle! It may not bring down gas prices, but at least I won't be this irritable!


Jon the Storyteller said...

Hi Lauralee. My Dad owned a gas station in the '70s. I can remember during the gas 'crunch', when the price jumped in one day from .38/gallon to .54/gallon; and he was still the cheapest in town. People complained then about the 'gas lines'. If we'd only had a crystal ball.

Jenn said...

I could not agree more. Gas is getting ridiculous! I've signed the petition to "Drill here, drill now. Pay less."
I don't know that it will really make a difference in the end, but I'm willing to do just about anything at this point.

Maude said...

Make your voice heard Lauralee! The more angry we get the more it is likely that the bafoons in washington will finaly DO something and let us become energy independent... I also signed the Drill here, drill now, pay less petition @ It is a Bipartisan effort. It is not only a question of security, it is a question of getting us out of this slumpy economy. Pretty soon, none of us will buy or do anything else but pay for more expensive goods and gasoline! I heard someone on the radio talk about taking pitchforks and torches to washington so they get the message that politicians work for us and that we are not only angry, but we are suffering! Time has come, We all need to do something about it!

M. Dunham said...

My husband and I no longer really drive anywhere. We use his motorcycle for transportation to work, and I use my metrolink pass that my work provides to get home and then I walk from the station. We just can't afford gassing up the car every 4 days. Now we gas up the bike every week and a half, and it will soon cost us over $20, whereas it used to cost $12. But we'll take an $8 hike over a double the tank price for the car any day.