Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have three stories that I am working on...they are a little time consuming (but wonderful!)...Plus I am really close to finishing a class in school. In other words, the blogs are going to be slow for the next couple of days. I have so much to blog about, I'll be writing for weeks (but it will have to wait!!)

In talking to a few people I have mentioned that I love (and I mean LOVE) New Foundland Dogs. They are known as the gentle giants of the dog world. Very kind and patient. I promised to post some photos of these dogs

(the dog I'm getting someday)
I must explain my fascination with this amazing animal. I have always loved dogs, since I was a little girl (and wasn't allowed to have a pet) I have always dreamed of the day when I was grown and would be able to have a dog of my I have two. (Lewis and Clark...I love them!) A year ago, We went to park city for my birthday. After a day of shopping, we went to eat at some restaurant where the food was really sick. On our way to the car I noticed this GIANT rug. I said to my mom, "Look at that bear rug!!!" All of the sudden the bear rug moved! My first thought was seriously "Oh, my gosh, how weird-it's a robot!" It was the biggest dog I have ever seen (MUCH larger than a St. Bernard or Great Dane) I walked up to the owner...because I had to know about this dog! He looked like a Big honkin' bear cub. I said to her (very timidly) "Can I pet your dog?" The lady was so nice (she probably thought I was nuts!) I reached down to pet this dog and he licked my wrist. His tongue was at least an inch wider than my whole wrist.
Since then, I have loved this dog...Short story is a picture of a Newfoundland dog.

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Jenn said...

I don't think I have ever heard of this breed of dog before. They are so cute!!!
Congrats on your class being almost finished! Hooray!!!