Wednesday, January 21, 2009

things I'm looking forward to

If you can believe it, I'm getting married in less than a month. I must say, I'm so looking forward to being "Mrs. Hunter." I'm also looking forward to relaxing on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, but I'm more excited about getting married. (those who know my feelings about Hawaii are shocked I'm sure)
We're also closing on our house this month. It's funny, we're buying my old house. It's a little odd, but we can't sell it and Layton can't afford it by it's really the best solution. I will say, it's going to be hard to go to my old ward with a new husband...but I'll survive! Also, the details are starting to come together for our open house when we get back. I couldn't decide on which photo to order to go with our invitations, so I ordered all of them. Tragic I know.
but overall, life is good.

Here are some pictures I took of the kids at Maceys (sigh, I hate that store)

About a week ago, Robert and I went to visit his handicapped brother who lives in a group home. Casey was so thrilled to see us, I started to think about how much small gestures can affect other people.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

things that make me feel "special"

Ok, so to start out, Robert sent me the most beautiful flowers this week. I must say I have never felt so special.

Following that I had a series of unfortunate events that made me feel "special" in the short bus ridin', paste eating kind of way. It started out this week when I suggested that Rob and I go out with his brother Scott and his cute wife Christie. We go to their house and the plan was to go to Olive Garden for lunch. Well, I love those spandex-y jeans that slim in your belly. I love I'm wearing my tight jeans and I sit down in her car and heard a funny noise. I didn't really think anything about it...we went to Olive garden and ate lunch, went grocery shopping at Walmart, and then browsed at graywhale. We then went to robert's apartment where he noticed that the entire butt was torn out of my jeans....not just a little tear, my entire butt was hanging out. SUPER! (YES, I know I should have felt a draft or something...but what can I say...I have extra "padding" back there!) So then, I ran out of gas last night and Robert had to come rescue me. (He's such a sweet man, he didn't lecture, just took good care of me) So then, the door nob came off of Logan and Jonah's room earlier this month and we just haven't closed the door since. I was in their room this morning getting them ready for the day when Jonah closed the door and it latched, so I was effectively trapped there with my two boys. Luckily, I don't go anywhere without my cell I was able to call my mom.