Thursday, July 29, 2010

The meaning of the word "Frustration"

I started this month with lots of hope for the future. I had prayed about it and felt like the gastric bypass was the right thing for me to do. Then came the decision from the insurance company. Not only no...but h--- no.

Basically, they say that there are no surgical centers of "excellence" in utah. The lady from my insurance company said that there are centers in Oregon and Idaho. I've been to Idaho. Have you ever seen anything better there than in Utah? Exactly. Just curious about the hospital and it's "amenities" I called the hospital to find that among them are listed "Lower cost shared rooms." It gets better. Shared between 2-4 patients. How in the heck is that EXCELLENT?
Also the insurance informed me that when it listed covered procedures and "Bariatric Surgery" was listed....they meant AFTER WORKING FOR THE COMPANY 5 YEARS, WE WILL PAY FOR THE SURGERY....BUT WON'T PAY ANYTHING TO THE ACTUAL SURGEON.

Wow, super guys. You might want to post that under "Bariatric Surgery Covered" even if it is with an asterisk and itty bitty letters underneath.

Well, the only other thing I've been planning my life around right now is our temple sealing. We've been talking about the possibility of babies and such...but 1) I must have a real work schedule. 2) I want to be sealed.

We started the process of filling out the papers etc. in FEBRUARY. It's July. My ex husband has been sent 3 notices. Nada. So I went to church on Sunday expecting to find that the papers had been sent 3 weeks ago. Nope. The bishop wants to make sure Layton has an opportunity to express himself. So he got his phone number to call him. I know I should be more understanding. But I want to be sealed to my husband. Layton had 3 notices that he could have responded to. He didn't. RAWR. Our bishop said that the waiting time once the paperwork gets to church headquarters is about 3-6 months. I know it's a very important process and I have faith in it, but it will be so disappointing if it isn't approved. If it takes 6 months to process, like my bishop expects, we're looking at almost a year for the whole process.

So..then today was Jonah's well child appointment. He's gained 14 pounds in a year. the doctor proceeded to yell at me the "fat mom" for raising a "fat child." He's now put him on a super strict diet. (I really don't think Jonah is that big...)
but how is that for super?

I have to bid for a new shift at work this week. I'm praying that I get something NORMAL. Well, even remotely normal. 9-5 would be great. Anything would be fabulous that is not 7:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Nephew

So, Ryker (aka Helmut Von Lichtenstein) is here. He's adorable. Here are the pics. (Doesn't Lisa look amazing?)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still waiting

So it's official. I've been on a 1000 calorie per day diet for 5 weeks. I've lost 4 pounds this week, I feel pretty good about that seeing how in the 4 weeks prior, I had lost .02 pounds. I've submitted my medical records to Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians and they have submitted them to the insurance company for approval. So now we wait. I hate waiting. Hate. Speaking of waiting. Robert and I are still waiting for word back to see if we'll be able to be sealed this year. We're waiting for a temple cancellation for my first marriage. It has been a process of 3 months of filling out forms and getting the ex husband to do the same...and..We're still waiting. yay. Did I mention that I hate waiting? HATE. HATE. HATE. Hopefully soon we'll have some sort of news.