Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I can't even explain what the last couple of months have been like. I don't want to be a complainer, but I really have felt like life was caving in on me. First of all, Robert lost his job several months ago, and it has been just me supporting the fam. That's a hard place to be, I was very grateful to have two jobs, but then was laid off from my job as a newspaper correspondent. Let me just say, $10 an hour is not enough to support 1 person, let alone 4. So, needless to say, it's been rough. I felt a total loss after losing my correspondent job. I loved that job. I seriously would have done it for free. But, there is a reason for everything. I really believe that is the way it needs to be. I work a terrible shift for Delta. (Love the job, hate the shift) seriously, 730 pm to 4 am. I have Monday Tuesday off and with the other job, I had to go to council meetings on Tuesday nights. brutal. I must say it has been a joy to be able to be home with my kids on those nights.
Also, I made the decision to get gastric bypass surgery. The insurance through my work has denied me on several occasions; not because I'm not fat enough, but because I have to work for delta for 5 years before they will pay for it, and even then, they won't pay for the surgeon.
Just when I thought the world was going to cave in on me...Robert got a job at Discover card. I have never heard of a company that treats their employees better. They only pay $12 an hour, but he will make commission and they have health benefits from day one....that cover gastric bypass.
I'm almost afraid to hope. But it appears that I qualify no problem. I'm hoping for surgery December or January...basically we're waiting to get our insurance ID numbers so that I can get the surgery approved. If we can get the surgery approved, then we'll be able to set a date for surgery. The doctor we are hoping to use is Dr. Sherman Smith, and he said it is usually a couple of weeks from approval of insurance.
Realistically, this could be my last Thanksgiving and Christmas pre-surgery.
I am so wishing that it was my mom's year to have thanksgiving, because this will be the last thanksgiving that I will be able to eat more that 1/4 cup. (Anyone who knows my mom, knows she is an amazing cook. She comes from the Glanvilles, and it's basically genetic.) Instead we're having thanksgiving at the inlaws....where everything minus the fried turkey is store bought....sigh.
At work, things are going well, We bid for a new shift in a few weeks, the new shift will start in January. I am hopeful that I will get a better shift, and a more normal life to follow. I guess we'll see soon.