Monday, January 10, 2011

a tale of band-aids

The other night the kids and I decided to venture into the unknown. We decided to make carb-free protein based pizza. I know, that sounds so delicious, you're hoping I post the recipe. Well, I let the kids make their own individual pizzas in hope of tricking them into eating it. (I won't lie) The kids LOVE olives. I'm not really sure why, maybe because they can eat them off of their fingers. (ick) I had opened a can of olives, and drained them, but I left the lid on the olives while I got everything else ready. Jonah grabbed it and tried to pull it open with his little finger. What we got was a sad little sliced finger. I took him to the bathroom, and we had to hold pressure on it for at least 7 minutes to get it to stop bleeding. I cleaned it and put on a batman bandaid and we went back to work.
About 3 minutes later Jonah said "I see if it's better now." I told him that bandaids have to stay on for longer than that before the cuts get better. A few minutes later he says "I go check it now," and he ran into the bathroom. I followed, and he had the bandaid off by the time I got in there and it was bleeding again. We repeated the above and put a new superhero bandaid on. In the course of 3 hours, we went through an entire box of 50 bandaids.

Finally, we were down to the ugly fabric bandaids. Jonah was not impressed. He kept telling me that those were "ug-gee". I put a fabric bandaid on...and it was the same drill, except quicker because he wanted a "cooler" bandaid. I came into the bathroom to find him letting the blood drip into the sink.

I said "Jonah, if you take another bandaid off, I'm not going to give you another one. This is it."

Logan came in and tapped me on my arm and said "Mom, if I had a little boy that was hurt, I'd help him."


I explained that I was helping Jonah but he had used all of the bandaids.

Poor little tender Logan. He's such a sweet little kid!

We've had some problems with a bully at school. I talked to Logan about all of the incidences that have happened. I asked him why he didn't tell his teacher. He said "Well, Dakota is always in trouble. I didn't want him to get into any more trouble."

It made me so sad. He's such a kind child. I've talked to the teacher and talked to Logan about what he needs to do if he is being bullied again. As someone who was bullied, it's so horrible. I'm really hoping that this solves the problem.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

slow and steady

Ok, so I know, I've promised and promised pics. The first step toward that has happened today. I finally downloaded all the photos onto the computer. There was it may take me a few days to come up with a year in review, but it's coming.