Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buffalo Roundup

Last week, I took the boys to a buffalo roundup with grandma and grandpa. It was really fun. I just haven't had a chance to post the pictures yet. (I've been sick)
Here are some of the awesome pics I took there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Takin some time

During the last few weeks, my parents have taken the kids to all of these fun little places and sent me some of the cutest frickin' pictures. (All which took place while I was in school) I have meant to post them, so I will at the end of this. After a lot of thought, I realized that now is not the time for me to be in school. My boys need to have memories with their mommy, so I am taking some time off from school. There will be time later, if not...I'll survive.

Today, I should have had school, but I have the new found freedom of doing whatever the heck I want on Wednesday and Thursday. Pretty awesome. Logan was missing his daddy. He cried and cried. SO, we went to go visit daddy. I played with my dogs for a good hour or so while Layton played with the kids. I discovered, I miss my Lewis and Clark! (dogs) Lewis instantly jumped into my arms. I wish I had a place that I could take them at least on short visits. It was so fun to play with them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that drive me CRAZY!!!

Ok, I've got to say that I've never understood the concept of "limitted time" anything. You would think that if something is successful, if the general public wants it, then a business should offer it all of the time. It makes sense right? Well, a good example of this is the orange creme shake at Arby's. This was at Arby's last year and I became completely and utterly addicted, just in time for them to discontinue it. The withdrawls were brutal. I didn't eat there for an entire year. Not until I saw the giant signs advertising my luscious shake. I love that shake. Well, I pull into Arby's the other night and order my shake. They tell me it's discontinued. WHAT IN THE CRAP! Then the girl says "We do have strawberry shakes" Um, what? I want orange creme! GRR. I've decided that all food I like is limitted time. A few years back lays had a potato chip that was "Dill" I loved that chip. Well they discontinued these chips and brought out this pickle chip that is a combo of salt and vinegar chips and my dill chips. Not so good. I just don't understand in our economy, why a company would remove popular items from their menu. A moderate example of this is the McRib sandwhich, and while I have never tasted the pressed pretend rib sandwich, others rave about it. Why...if it's so darn good, is it taken off the menu! Give me my dang orange creme shake back!!!! Take the McRib and the dill pickle chips, the eggnog shakes, and cherry cordial hershey's kisses. All I want is my freakin' Orange Creme shake...Oh the withdrawls!

Hover Technique

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm kind of a freak. As a result of my short career as a CNA, there are certain things that completely germ me out. One of them is a public restroom. To top off my already crappy day yesterday, I get to school (so late) as a result of the warrant that I had to get discharged or whatever. I get to school and my first thought is "Dang it, I need to pee." Now, inspite of being well versed in the "hover technique" where you don't actually rest your bottom on the toilet seat, I still hate using a public restroom, so I thought to myself, "Eh, it's only 3 more hours, I can hold it." Well, 20 minutes into class, I realized that my bladder was not going to be able to hold up for another 2 hours 40 minutes. I get into the orange 70's themed women's bathroom and make a nest of toilet paper on the seat, just incase my hover technque is flawed...and incase there was a chance my bottom could make contact with the toilet seat below. I pull my pants down and then it happened. Nearly $1.50 in change and my cell phone flew out of my pocket and onto the bathroom floor. I actually screamed. Now, honestly the handfull of change was not worth it to me, as I left it sitting in the middle of the nastiness known as the bathroom floor. I did take a peice of toilet paper and wrap it around said "bathroom floor cell phone" the dang thing is a LG phone (like iphone) and was over $300, so hardly disposable. I used a piece of toilet paper to pick it up. I wrapped it in the paper and used hand sanitizer to wipe it down when I got to class. My teacher was totally mocking me when he said, "I have some alcohol wipes in my desk, would you like a few?" I said "YES!" SO then I wiped the phone down with those..but every time I use it now, I feel like there are nasty MRSA (staph) bugs crawling on my face. My friend Traci called while I was in class, and I related my story and told her I felt like I needed to use hand sanitizer to wipe down my face. She laughed and said "That's weird." So today, I got a text message from Traci that made me laugh. All it said was "I dropped my cell phone on the floor in the bathroom today and I thought of you." I sent her a text back that said "What did you do?" her reply "Nothing, who cares" The tragedy is...I do. (and if she decides to use them, I have a ready supply of alcohol wipes)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worst episode ever! started out fabulously. I noticed the postman about noon and went to the door to get the mail. (I don't know why I care, all it ever is filled with is bills). I always love getting the mail. I was hoping that it was my year for that elusive "publisher clearing house prize." No such luck. I noticed that the only mail there was from the city of South Ogden. It was from the court. For a moment I worried that I was being summoned for something to do with the kids or something else. Well, it was just a kind letter to inform me that there was a warrant for my arrest. Super.
Now let me explain. I got a ticket a couple of weeks ago. What can I say, I was in a hurry to get home for a date. Well, the cop...who was only doing his job, was a big jerkface and threw the book at me. (No drivers license, no proof of insurance, 18 over the speed limit, and no front lisence plate) So, I called the court and the ticket was like $180. Good frickin' grief. I went to court and the judge cut it in half and said that I needed to bring proof of insurance, driver's license and proof I fixed my front lisence plate. SO...I do that. I got proof of insurance from my insurance company and took my stupid driver's lisence in. I get to the office and the lady says to me "No, that paper is not acceptable, your agent needs to fax us this information." So I call my agent and he agrees to fax the info. I call the city of South Ogden and the idiot ladies are like "Why don't you just bring it down?" and I told her than I was told that it had to be faxed by my agent. The lady said "I don't know who told you that, but they were wrong." So I asked if there was any rule against having it faxed and she said it would be ok if my agent faxed it.
So my agent faxes the proof of insurance to them yet again. Then this notice of a bench warrant comes today stating that I never attempted to prove that I had insurance.

My thought was "Are they kidding me? I did it three times!!!" SO I had to miss half of school to go to court and fight this stupid thing. I got up there and there were 4 other cases (of approximately 10) in which they had never recieved faxed information. How dumb is that city? They double their workload by employing incompitent workers and then try to issue me a $75 fee to take care of the warrant for their stupidness. GRR! Give me a break!


SO...All is well in the land of Lauralee. Jonah is walking so well now. He's such a little monkey. Logan is full of the same funniness. Some of the cutest things he's said this week are as follows.

(the day of the snow storm)
Logan: "Where's Jonah?"
Me: "Sleeping."
Logan: "He wants to come out of his room and see the morning."

Logan: "Look momma, Santa brought us some snow."

Logan (to Jonah): "You're such a little treasure."

They make me laugh.
It's back to school tonight.

On to other news...Logan has decided he absolutely can not be a dinosaur for halloween. He has decided that the only thing he can be is....batman. I HATE licensed costumes. SO boring and cliche'. ARGH! I will most likely cave (like a bat) and let him be batman...but, a dinosaur is cuter!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SIGH...The saga continues again

SO...I was changing the background on my blog...and in typical Lauralee form, I forgot to write down all of my friends so...if you're missing from my list...please let me know!!!!

Little Punkins

While I was in school my mom and dad took the boys to a pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins. These are some of the pictures that they took! SO cute!!

ALSO...why is it that I only have three followers of my blog???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

I remember when life was simpler. I remember our first microwave. The first CD player my parents bought (it actually had a built in record player), my first album, which was actually a tape (the monkees greatest hits) even our first computer. What did we do before all of that? I'm not really sure how we managed to survive, but somehow we did. I have just realized in the past month or so a few very important things.

1. Though very wonderful to have, cable tv is no substitution for a DVD player
2. I will be buying a DVD player very shortly.

Just thought I'd share.

As for school (which is where I am right now, wasting lots of time) I passed off another section tonight, just one more section and a final project and I am done. Not done done. But done with the class "Graphic Design Applications." (That's enough to make me giddy!)

The Saga Continues!

Just when I think that I couldn't do anything stupider (yes, stupider is a word!), The dumbness continues. Yesterday was my city council meeting. I was thinking that I attended West Point city council meeting last week. I guess, in a sense I did...the rest of the city did not, however. Because of that, I was thinking that I was attending the Clinton city council meeting which starts at 7 pm (instead of 6 pm at west point) Well, I got the kids to my parents house at 6:30 and then decided to check the website just to make sure that I was right. I guess, at least I looked. I was 45 minutes late to the west point meeting. I got there at 6:45 pm and it was all over by 7:45 pm.

Now for updated information on my sweet little Jonah. He had his well-child visit today...he is completely normal. I know what you're saying. "What were you expecting?" Honestly, I was kind of worried that he could be border-line autistic. He just barely started walking, he still isn't talking much and he hits himself in the head when he is upset. So I was concerned that it could be autism. Dr. Hom said because he is on track with all of his development now, there is nothing to be concerned about. He said that 6-12 words for a child Jonah's age is normal. He also said that because Logan was such a genius child (saying words at 9 months...word pairs by 11 months and sentences at 12 months) he said my expectations for Jonah are just unrealistic. *WHEW* (giant sigh of relief)

This is how Jonah measured at his appointment
Weight 26 1/2 pounds....50th percentile
Height 34 inches........98th percentile
head size...............70th percentile

Jonah also says...Hi. Momma, Daddy, Woof, What's up, and shut up (only to barking dogs)

Doctor Hom said pairing of words is actually ahead of schedule for Jonah.

It was funny because he asked if Jonah follows commands and I was like "No, not really." At which point Doctor Hom said to Jonah "Will you hand me your shirt?" Jonah picked up the shirt and walked over to Dr. Hom and handed it to him. Then he asked Jonah to do something else. Jonah looked at him, made eye contact and walked away as if to say "Whatever." Dr. Hom said he's happy with it. He understands what is being said to him. he's just a strong-willed little man.

Dr. Hom said the hitting himself thing is a result of not being able to adequately express himself.

As for Logan, we were getting out of the car to go in to the doctor's office. We were doing the valet parking thing (greatest thing ever!) I had the stroller out and I said to Logan, "C'mon little man." Logan gave me this disgusted look and said "Mommy, I'm a big man, get it right!" (The valet parking guy started to snicker) Good grief!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, I fully intended to get a different color highlight. When I got to the salon, I was informed that pink cannot be stripped using bleach. The only think you can do is try to cover it. It's neon magenta. So my options were dark brown...but most likely black, super. She said because you use bleach to strip the hair color and then stain it's hard to get the dark color to take evenly...the pink was fading and didn't look I had it re-pinked. I don't know what exactly I am going to do next (minus shaving my head) I don't know how I'll get rid of the pink. But on the brighter side of is the new black! (and I still really like it...even if old ladies in my ward say I look "wild")
Yesterday, I was watching general conference with Logan. when the prophet was talking Logan asked "Hey, who's that old guy?" I told him it was our prophet Thomas S. Monson, then I added "I love him." Logan stared for a minute and then said "Huh. That's weird. I love Emily (Brandon's sister)." He's such a funny little man.

On the potty training front, we're working on it. (YAY) He is more cooperative and I'm starting to think I may get him trained before he turns 5 (he's 3 now).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Political Correctness and other things that irritate me!

Apparently the word "retarded" is offensive to some readers of this blog. To the reader who posted the comment reguarding her disabled child...I apologize if my comments were offensive...HOWEVER (and this is a big fat however) the "r" word does not specifically refer to those with disabilities. According to American Heritage Dictionary, the "r" word is defined as follows:

re·tard 1 (rĭ-tärd') Pronunciation Key
v. re·tard·ed, re·tard·ing, re·tards

v. tr.
To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.

v. intr.
To be delayed.

A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.
Music A slackening of tempo.

When I was in Junior high school, I was a peer tutor to a disabled student. Michelle and I are still friends and I would never refer to her as retarded. That would be cruel. I do have a soft spot in my heart for those with physical and mental development delays. I think they are some of the Lord's most treasured souls. I think using the "r" word to describe a child or adult with an actual disability is not only cruel, but also unfair. I think the "slang" use of the word is the only appropriate use of the word. I am fully cognatively aware...I did something dumb...which at the moment made me delayed. I cannot think of a more appropriate use of the word. It is far more hurtful when describing those who are actually disabled.
Now on to political correctness. I am sick of people talking about their right to bare arms because it's their constitutional right. I have the same right of free speech guaranteed to me by the constitution! Now today, people are so afraid to offend others that we dance around the issues.
The top thing that bug me...
1. Thin people who whine to fat people that they (the thin person) are too fat. I actually hear this often. Another favorite of mine is people talking about people who are "fat" but who are smaller than me. That is awesome.
Do I ever say anything to these thinner/ruder individuals about their ignorance or lack of taste when making these comments to me? No never. The thing is...they have a right to say and feel however they want. I am good with Lauralee. I really find it tragic they can't be happy in their own skin.
Back to the term retarded. Being offended by the word retarded because you have a disabled child is like me being offended by the term "phat" (pronounced fat).
Words and meanings of words change as our society changes. Look at the word "gay" and how it has changed over the past 30 years.
If that mother chooses to define her disabled child as retarded, that is her choice. It's not a decision I would cognatively make. I respect her rights as a parent and her freedom of speech.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink is the new black.

While it's been said that pink is the new black...I'm sick of the pink in my hair. Because it's a complicated process-making your hair pink...and now un-making my hair pink, I need to choose a new highlight color. I just can't seem to make up my mind...take the survey and help me decide and have a little control over what I do with my hair. (MOM!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another reason I may be retarded yesterday was the last of my swarms. My assignment: the day in the life of a Clearfield High School student. Fun! So I was there at 7 am. yay. I took over 400 pictures before noon. I must explain that the history teacher was my student teacher sophomore year at Northridge. Yay. He looked at me and said "Stephens?" and I said "Yes." and he said "Wow, you've changed"
I took my seat in the back of class with my student after lunch and I was messing with my camera because I couldn't get the picture display to use the whole I hit format thinking that might help...and I deleted all 400 pictures.
I let out this terrible scream (I couldn't help it...I deleted a whole day's worth of work!) and the teacher stopped in the middle of his lecture and said "I take it back Stephens, you haven't changed." Super, just super.