Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another reason I may be retarded yesterday was the last of my swarms. My assignment: the day in the life of a Clearfield High School student. Fun! So I was there at 7 am. yay. I took over 400 pictures before noon. I must explain that the history teacher was my student teacher sophomore year at Northridge. Yay. He looked at me and said "Stephens?" and I said "Yes." and he said "Wow, you've changed"
I took my seat in the back of class with my student after lunch and I was messing with my camera because I couldn't get the picture display to use the whole I hit format thinking that might help...and I deleted all 400 pictures.
I let out this terrible scream (I couldn't help it...I deleted a whole day's worth of work!) and the teacher stopped in the middle of his lecture and said "I take it back Stephens, you haven't changed." Super, just super.


Mimi said...

I don't think you are retarded, however, I do think you are funny! I love it! I can recall doing that very thing... accidently deleting a butt load of pictures that I didn't have on the computer yet. I hope you were able to get some more before the day was done! And given the situation... I probably would have screamed myself!

Anonymous said...

As the mom of a child with special needs (you know, the kind that are really retarded) I find it sad that you use the word retarded so casually. Yes, I know it's slang and you didn't mean anything by it. Yes, I know you probably think I should lighten up and it's just a word. I've heard it all before. The truth is that it's a really hurtful and painful word to people who deserve nothing more than your respect. So, if you know better maybe you will think of another word to use next time. Just hoping....
Thanks for listening to this mom's plea.