Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things I Learned Today

Church was, as usual difficult. I count the minutes until Jonah can go to nursery! Today, when he was thrashing in sacrament meeting, I nearly took the family home. I nearly bagged it this week. When he was letting out these shrieking squeals in the middle of Sunday school, I nearly got up and pulled Logan out of nursery...and dragged the whole family home. I didn't thankfully. I would have missed one of the best lessons that I have ever sat through. One of the brothers in our ward, brother Maw taught the lesson. He is one of the coolest guys that I have ever met. 8 years ago, he was in a tumbling accident that left him a quadrapoligic. He was the mascot at Weber State University and had olympic dreams. He showed a video of him doing these acrobatic-style flips. It was amazing! He talked about how his dream of the olympics and competing was taken from him. Inspite of all of that he is able to go on and laugh about it. He doesn't blame the Lord. He doesn't sit in self pity. I think that is why people are drawn to him, because he has some amazing insight on life. He said some things that I have never really thought of before. He said many times people feel like those who are faithful to the teachings of the gospel should be spared hard times. He said if that were the case, Jesus would have had the easiest life, free of pain or trials. Instead, he died on the cross, suffering unimaginable pain. It's something to think about. Our trials aren't taken from us just because we are faithful. We are able to deal with them with a smile because we know that our Savior Jesus Christ has been there. He knows how we feel. He feels our pain. He loves us and is there for us.
I am so thankful I was in there. It was the little bit of peace needed. It's amazing how when you're least expecting it...the Lord brings you the messages you need to hear!

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