Friday, June 20, 2008

To sleep (that would be nice)

I had a bunch of stories last night that I needed to get submitted. Because Jonah has been sick, I hadn't accomplished much. A couple of my stories were complicated enough that I was up until about 2:15 a.m. finishing them. Now, that would have been fine, but at 2:15 I heard the shrieking squeel of Jonah. He screamed for over two hours. I have no idea why. I rocked him, sang to him,fed him, loved him...It didn't matter, he screamed. Because my kids don't do makes me SO anxious. Well, his shrieks woke Logan who stood in front of me in the rocking chair and sobbed "DON'T HOLD JONAH, HOLD LOGAN!" So between 3:00 am-4:45 I rocked two very sad little boys. Layton leaves for work about 4:40-4:45 when he left, he put Logan in his bed. Jonah, was ready to play. He kept giggling. GRR! Finally, by 6:30 Jonah fell back to sleep and I crawled into bed. At 7:30 I heard Logan "Momma? Momma? Where you go?" I sat up and there he was standing at the edge of my bed. He said "I want to rock." I rocked him and we both fell asleep until 8:45 when Jonah woke up.


The Greens said...

Wow!! That's all I can think of to say. I hate nights like that!! It's nice to rock the kids but it's also very, very nice to sleep!! :)

Maude said...

I am sooo sorry! I detest those nights! You can even function the next day because All you want to do is SLEEEEEEEP! hope you get a better night tonight!

Jenn said...

I hate nights like that. UGH. So sorry--here's to hoping that tonight is MUCH better!!!!!