Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Update on Jenn

As you all know, my cousin Jennifer has cancer. She had to have a shunt placed in her brain several weeks ago. Apparently having a shunt puts you at a greater risk for spinal meningitis. She has that, and her mom said she is worse than she has ever seen her. The spinal meningitis is growing out of the shunt onto her head. She was crying to her mom that she was so sad that she has missed two months of her little boys life. It's so sad. She may not have much time left, and the last two months of his life, she's missed out on because she is too sick to take care of him. She told her mom that she doesn't know if she can fight anymore, she said she is tired.

My boys have been sick and I have slept very little. Now I have the same crap they had. I can get up and care for them. I may have bad days...but they've never been that bad. I will never complain again!!!

Please pray for Jenn and her family. They've got a lot of trials still ahead of them.

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Jon the Storyteller said...


My prayers to your cousin. I can't imagine not knowing I won't be there from my kids. She'll be in my thoughts.