Friday, July 8, 2011


Sometimes, you have to make changes in your life. Especially when you feel good about yourself and know that you deserve something better than your current.

I filed for divorce at the beginning of this month. Since then, the rumors have been flying. Please, anyone who has any questions, please ask me. Don't participate in the nasty gossip and lies that have been so prevalent, not with my soon to be ex husband, but his family. I am an open book and willing to answer any question.

I am above the poo flinging that has been taking place, so I'm not going to post any details of my personal business here, but ask, don't assume. Thanks.


Mimi said...

I posted you a little note on your other blog... just know that you are loved!

Brandy Rose said...

I was divorced about a year ago and one of the worst parts about it was the gossip and having to explain over and over again to each person who just HAD TO KNOW why.