Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pet Pieves

Ok, so normally I'm pretty mellow, but there are a few things that drive me crazy. They are as follows (in order of annoyance)

1. Everywhere you go now, you have to prepay for your stupid gas. Well, what drives me crazy is the fact that even though you've prepayed....say you bought $10 worth of gas, when your car officially has $9 in it, it slows down to a snails pace and then stops at $10. My question is, if it stops at $10, why slow down at $9. It drives me nuts, especially when you're standing in the freezing cold!!!!

2. People who use bad grammar. (How hard is it to string together a proper sentence?)

3. The word "irregardless." It's regardless!!!!!

4. The phrase "I could care less" that makes absolutely no sense. The correct phrase would be "I couldn't care less." (drives me nuts)

5. People who let their kids run free in Walmart (I am not a fan of the free-range kid movement, it's what shopping carts were invented for!)

6. People who fold towels wrong.

7. When people put dishes in the dishwasher and they don't put the forks, knives, and spoons into the container seperately


Jessica K said...

LOL! You crack me up! I love love love #3! I used to have a boss who said irregardless-drove me nuts. I actually corrected her once on it and I got a death glare so I didn't go there any more.

Amy said...

Oh man, you better prep Robert with the proper towel fold, or he's already doomed!!

And though it is a pet peeve of mine too, irregardless is actually correct too. I checked years ago when it annoyed me so badly ;)

M. Dunham said...

Given your pet peeves, it's probably a good thing that you'll never come over to my house. :P