Friday, August 1, 2008

What a RELIEF!

I had a late night last night. My boys were boogers. I was up twice with Jonah before 3. At 5:30 it was Logan't turn. So, when the lady from the scholarship office from my college called at 8:30, I was sound asleep. When I answered the phone...I probably sounded terrible. It's ok, I'm only kind of embarrassed. It doesn't really matter because I got a scholarship!!!!

On the news front, Jonah is talking. He is using word combinations often (Most common is "What's up" or in Jonah talk "Wup" He also tells the dogs to "shut up" It's king of funny. Whenever they bark, he bangs on the window and yells "Shup"
He's such a cute little man. He has this little toy Ipod that he holds up to his ear and bobs his head back and forth. When it plays this song about jumping he gets all excited and says "Jump!" (He's still not walking) but he's SO cute.


Sharla said...

Must have been in the air last night. Brit was up at 10, up at 12:30, again at 3, and again at 6 and then I have to be up to get ready to get to work. UGH. SO my sympathies to your wrecked morning.

Mimi said...

SUPER COOL on the Scholarship! Congrats! Yay for Jonah! Isn't is fun to watch them learning to say so many things!? I loved that stage!