Friday, April 18, 2008

Dinosaurs are scary!

My cousin Jennifer called me yesterday and wanted to know if we (me and the boys) wanted to go to the Eccles dinosaur park. I don't get to see Jennifer and Noah (her son) near enough, so we were all so excited to go. We met there soon after with picnic lunches to have a great afternoon. We have the coolest jogging stroller.

The only problem is that the stroller was about an inch too wide for ALL of the doors at the dinosaur park. (I honestly wonder how a lot of these places pass "code" because it is definately not wheelchair accessable.

Every time we had to go through a doorway, I had to take out the boys, collapse the stroller, and push it through sideways. Then, I had to put them back in their seats and get them all situated. It was such a pain!

The dinosaur park was really neat, and the boys loved it! It was great to spend time with Jenn and her little man too!

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Anonymous said...

The boys weren't scared of the giant dinos? They are very brave lads!