Saturday, April 26, 2008

I admit, I am a snob

I don't know what it is about public transportation. It brings out the inbreds...that's all I can say. Lisa, my mom, Logan, Jonah, Layton and me...we all load onto this train, with not a seat available. This kind older gentleman and his wife gave up their seats so me and Lisa could sit with the boys. It was very sweet. We had a front row view of this crazy lady who sat on the floor and bawled because she had to sit on the floor. She just kept saying "This is not my idea of fun." super. So then this group of (pardon the political incorrectness) special eddy's sits down. There were about 6 of the most ghetto...most special people, with approximately 16 teeth between them. They screamed at each other from Woods cross to salt lake and then from salt lake to clearfield. I wanted to stab them with a pencil. They had 2 little babies with them, one was screaming her little brains out. I picked up a package of yogos out of my purse and asked the mother "Would your baby want some yogos?" She looked at me very strangely and said "Maybe," and took them from me. The baby continued screaming. I looked back and there is this lady eating her baby's yogos. I HATE PEOPLE! It was an interesting trip, but I will wait to ride it again until they start charging a regular fair...hopefully that will clear out some of the riff-raff. (And yes...I admit it, I'm a snob!)

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Jenn said...

I'd rather pay the regular fare and avoid "certain" people too! [is that bad?!?!] John and Cameron went and tried to ride the train yesterday, but Cameron couldn't handle the 2 hour wait to even get on it. So after an hour of standing in line, they returned home..... but it sounds like it was for the best of things!