Monday, April 21, 2008

Truth: The best policy


To start off, my husband hates to talk on the phone. I don't mean he dislikes talking on the phone...I mean he HATES it. Normally, when someone mispronounces his name, it's a good sign that it is a telemarketer. I have always said "No, he is not here." Today, that backfired on me big-time. Layton got laid off from a really good job about 6 months ago, and was fortunate enough to get hired on temp-to-hire at Fersenius, through SOS staffing. It is a great job! He seems to really like it too...but we have a few months left until he is hired permanently. There is a lack of stability there which causes a due amount of stress. Today when the male voice calling asked for "La-ton" and I said he wasn't here...they told me that it was Fersenius wanting to interview him for a full time position...(YAY) I felt so stupid walking into the other room to say "Honey, you have a job interview on Wednesday." But hey, HE HAS A JOB INTERVIEW ON WEDNESDAY!!! YAY!!!!


Mimi said...

I came by and read this early this morning but had to get kids off to school and so I didn't get a chance to comment then... but this entry made me smile. I can so see Layton being this way... and I wanted to say GOOD LUCK STEVIE!!!! We are rooting for you to get the job!
Kelly and MImi

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job interview! Hope it works out for the best. I hate talking on the phone as well.

Misty and The Choatester said...

YAY! Good for him. I know he'll get it.

josephandmaude said...

Congrats Lauralee! I really love reading your Blog! You always make me smile!