Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good-bye Old friend :(

Today was the last day in the life of my beautiful old tree in my back yard. They started cutting it down today. It will take 2-3 days to be cut down. This is not just any old tree. It is over four feet wide. It is a monster! I love this tree. We bought this house because I envisioned swings dangling from the branches and kids playing around it. I was the perfect size for a treehouse. It had to go. It has these monster roots that had gone through our sewer line and had actually seperated and lifted one side of the sewer line. We had to do it...I just feel like I sacrificed an old friend. SO sad!!!

This is our tree at the beginning of day 1 of work

The tree at the end of day 2 (obviously there will be a day 3)


Anonymous said...

Always so sad to cut down a tree. We had to cut down 3 last summer. One was good enough to make lumber out of. A local historic village cut it into lumber using a vintage sawmill. It cost us nothing and now we are drying the lumber and will make our new kitchen cabinets from it!

Mimi said...

First off... love the new background. secondly... what a beautiful old tree. I would have hated to cut it down too! so sad to say goodbye to an old friend like that. And it really did have such character, didn't it?

Maryanne said...

I think I am going to cry. How sad!