Friday, April 25, 2008

Suspended License

So I should start out by saying that we moved into our "new" home in October of 2006-We've been there for awhile.
Well...two days ago we got a telemarketing call from Allstate. Normally I would hang up or something...but I haven't been overly impressed with our state farm agent--over the last year, he has pretty much proven to me that he sucks. I had just paid our insurance on 1 car for $140 a month when allstate called wanting to give us a quote. I was like "Fine, give us a quote." When the quote was $107 less a month for home and car, I was like "We're switching!" We went in to go sign some forms and whatever. That is when he said "Oh,'re license is suspended." He never returned his medical it's been suspended for over a year. ARGH!!! Layton was like, "We just moved...I must not have gotten the forms." Um, super. He has been driving on a suspended license...for over a year. It gives me chest pains. Obviously...he is going to the doctor today!


Misty and The Choatester said...

holy crap how lucky is he?

Mimi said...

That happened to me... I had been driving on one for almost two years. I was so sure that I had turned in my medical papers! I can't believe the luck! LOL! Glad you were lucky too! :)
Have a great day guys!