Thursday, November 20, 2008

I found it!

It's funny, for my first marriage, I searched and searched for the perfect dress. It took months of driving from store to store. Nada. My aunt Susan finally made it for me. It was beautiful. When I got engaged, my only anxiety was finding the "perfect dress." I decided that because we're getting married in the fern grotto in Hawaii, I wanted a hawaiian print dress. I found it today. It is sleeveless, so it will either need to have the sleeves added, or I need to find a jacket, but it was in the first store we looked, it was on clearance for $17 and, it is PERFECT! yay!
It's funny because when I talked to Rob about what we are getting married in, he said "I imagine some sort of red floral dress."
Another happy bit of info, I've lost enough weight that I was able to get a dress 2 sizes smaller than usual! (yay me!)
(pardon the cell phone pic, the battery for my camera is dead, and I currently lack the motivation to go charge it)


The Greens said...

Sounds way cute! You should post pics. :)

Mimi said...

I am liking the dress! CUTE! And I can't believe you found it so quickly and at SUCH A GREAT PRICE!
Go Lauralee! Oh an GREAT JOB on the weight loss... I need to get some off... how did you do it?
Love ya!

Hannah, Mackenzie & Coleman Lay said...

I love the dress and I love the ring! Congrats! I am getting married in July (yeah, it's a loooong ways away!) but we are excited! :) It's amazing how hurt we get by divorce but then when we find somebody, how wonderful that feeling is to have back (if we ever really felt it before!). I love being in love! ;)

Anonymous said...