Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's talk about poop, baby

It's never a good morning when the day starts by giving your kids a bath. NEVER. My eyes opened this morning at 6:52, I know this, because I looked at the clock before I noticed the buck-naked child standing at the foot of the bed. I jumped up and grabbed him. I ran into his room and the scene that I discovered was straight out of a horror film.

His bed, sheets, wall...everything was covered in (are you really ready to read this? It's pretty gross!) poo. Yes poo. He had..."fingerpainted" the walls and sadly, his brother who was asleep in the bed adjacent from him. Logan, still lay completely sound asleep as I undressed him. He may have been asleep when he hit the bath water. Both kids were scrubbed, and then scrubbed again, just in case. AAARGH! So disgusting! I just have two questions. Jonah is 20 months and weighs approximately 28 pounds. How on earth is it possible for a child that small to be able to poop his entire body weight in poo? What on earth would possess such a small child to finger paint with it??? (both are rhetorical, no answers necessary) The tragedy of it all is that in the move to Grandma Glanville's house, only two crib sheets made it here, the other one is dirty because he pulled his diaper off and peed on it yesterday, good frickin' grief. So today (and everyday from here on forward) Jonah is wearing overalls. (the kind with no snaps in the legs)


Anonymous said...


First of all, I just wrote this long comment, and previewed it and I'm not sure if it went through. Tell me if it didnt and I will write it again



Mimi said...

I don't even want to admit how many memories this brings back to me! LOL! I am sorry... I know it's NOT FUN to go thru this type of thing... but again, thanks for sharing! I love ya,

The McMerrick Family said...

Been there done that.

Anita said...


I normally don’t make many comments on blogs, don’t ask me why. However, after reading your comment on “PooP” I couldn’t resist…because I have had a similar experience.

When I was about ten years old my younger sister, (18 months younger) were babysitting our baby sister, who was about 16 months or so. When we went to get her up from her nap we found her sitting up in her crib, diaper off, and covered in pooh !!! It was obvious that she had been at it awhile because it was dried on – underneath her finger and toe nails and even dried on to the slats of the crib. It was on the walls - it was everywhere. And guess who had to clean it up – ME – I am the oldest after all.

The most horrifying discovery was that my baby sister somehow had my favorite cloth baby doll inside her crib that day. This had been my dolly for many years and I was still very attached to it. My lovely doll was covered in pooh, and the cloth part of the doll was ruined. Because I couldn’t bear to part with the doll I cut off her head, threw away the body, and scrubbed the head until it was clean. Then I placed the head in my drawer. She stayed there for years. I can still remember how devastated I was about that doll. Aren’t poop stories great 

Fries Family said...

Oh yeah, I've heard of this before. That sucks.