Monday, March 31, 2008

7 Random Facts About ME!!!

My friend Jenn tagged me to do this.(thanks Jenn!!! What a cute idea!)
These are 7 things about me...maybe you know them, maybe you don't!

1. I was adopted

family is everything

2.I love to play in my flower garden

3. I work as a correspondent at the Standard-Examiner. (I love writing and photography)


4. In August I will have been married for 6 years

5. I am allergic to being pregnant!!!! (honestly I am)

6. I lived in the same house for 23 years...until I got married. (My parents still live there!!)

7. I have 2 dogs "Lewis and Clark"

I tag Kimberly, Mimi, Maryanne and Jon...and anyone else reading this!!!!


Mimi said...


CUTE! By the way, I know what you mean by worst day ever... I have had those kind of days too! Glad that Jonah is okay though! :)

Misty and The Choatester said...

You are so cute! And such a good friend. Thanks for everything, especially your positive attitude!

Jenn said...

Hi! Thanks for doing the tag!! How cute. I didn't know any of that. Ahh, the wonderful things about tags! You rock!!!

Anonymous said...


Here's my list:

I drink too much coffee and tea
I watch loads of films
I collect retro-modern home furnishings and use them
I have 2 brilliant cats (cat owners tend to be unusual anyway)
I live in a woods (not like a hermit though)
I drive a red Honda Civic SI (unusual in this part of the USA)
I work at library (we all know how librarians can be)
I love Rock, Celtic, Jazz, and Blues music in equal measure
I am quirky
I hear voices (I don’t really)
I am working at writing an original, humourous, mystery novel. (Wish me luck! I shall need it…..)