Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Stuff

So Logan woke up this morning with a blazing fever, after a very long day we found out that he has an ear infection (long day meaning time spent at the pediatrician's office!) So I was just sitting here at my parents house and I realized that my whole extended family is the best. My parents are rad, my husband is the best, and my kids are so cute! I just couldn't be luckier! (even with a sick munchkin)


Misty and The Choatester said...

I'm so sorry he is sick again. What a bummer!

The Greens said...

Poor little guy. My boys just got over ear infections too. No fun!!

Jenn said...

Hi Lauralee, I don't know you too well, but I swear that I see you everywhere!!-Maybe it's a sign!!! :-) I saw your blog on Misty's site. I hope you don't mind me looking around.
Also, I just wanted to shout out that we have playgroup at 10am on Tuesdays at the Meadows clubhouse. You should come! All the little kids love to play. And it's fun for us moms too! Its a blast.

Maryanne said...

Hey Lauralee! I did not know that YOU had a blog!! Fun! I'll add it to my blog list (if that's okay - if not let me know).

Oh I remember the days of ear infections :( That was so hard, especially when you don't know if they really have one or not.....they are grumpy, have a runny nose, fever, etc..."Do I take them to the doctor or not?" I made SO many trips to the pediatrician to only hear, "His ears look great!", and I would be like "dang!".