Sunday, March 30, 2008

Worst Day EVER!

We got up early this morning to get ready for church. I quickly noticed that Jonah was having some very labored breathing. I called his pediatrician and we made an appointment for him to be seen. Because Layton had to work tonight, I took both boys with me, which is always an adventure. I just had no idea how much of an adventure it would be.

The doctor looked at Jonah and said the prolonged cough could be due to Asthma, but said I just need to watch him.

We got to the car, and Jonah began to cry. I strapped him into his seat and handed him my keys to play with while I put Logan in the car and found something else in the car for him to play with. I closed the van door because it was snowing and very cold. I took Logan by the hand and walked towards the other van door. I put my hand on the door handle and then I heard an ominous sound...the double beep of my doors locking. Jonah hit the door lock on my alarm on the key chain of my keys!!! Panicked, I pulled the handle, still expecting the door to open. It did not.
I grabbed Logan and ran to our doctor's office. I had them call security and ran back out to my car to wait. It felt like an hour before security got there, even though I am sure it was only a few minutes. They told me they have no way to get into locked cars. They called Ogden Police Department, who responded, but they also had no way to open a locked door. Both told me their departments chose not to have these devises because they are a liability! HELLO, MY CHILD IS LOCKED IN THE CAR!! GET HIM OUT OF THERE! We ended up having to wait for 40 minutes for Layton to drive the spare set of keys to me!!!! Logan got to sit in the police car, which made his day, not mine.
By the time Layton got there, my van was surrounded by police officers, security guards...and folks who were interested to see who is stupid enough to lock her child in her car.
So humiliating!


Jenn said...

Oh my! What a day! I cannot believe all of the happened. I'm so sorry! At least it all turned out ok in the end.... even if it was humiliating! BTW, don't forget playgroup Tuesday at 10!

The Greens said...

How Scary! I would have freaked out too!! Glad everything turned out okay.

Caroline Kaufman said...

I have done this to naomi TWICE. Thanks heavens for On Star!. Glad everything turned out okay.