Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I drove past the movie theaters the other day (the old ones in Riverdale that are now closed) and I noticed several weeks ago that the owners had started putting up a new inspirational message every week. In essence the sign said 'The only thing I know about happiness is that you have to find your own." It really felt like the sign was talking to me! I have had a rough couple of weeks and have joked to some friends that sometimes I feel like I am being punked by God; but really, I have an amazing life. I have a family (extended) that is amazing. I have the best parents a girl could ever hope for. I have a sweet grandma, that at the age of 90 would do anything for any of her kids or grandkids. I have an awesome husband and 2 darling little kids...why on earth would I have anything to complain about? After we moved into our cute home in Clearfield, I was so happy to have a real home that was mine, (that wasn't "moveable"). I never imagined the money pit that we had just bought into called home ownership. When the basement flooded for the first time, I cried. When it happened the second time, I was mad! Then, when the wall started to bubble out like a giant wall tumor...I knew we were in big trouble. We had to tear up everything in our cute basement. Then, we found black mold, so we had to tear out more. It was just pathetic to look at. We decided to "fix it right" so we installed a drain system, which was spendy...but we felt like it was the right thing to do. During all of this time, I never once said "I am sure a lucky girl," even though I am. When my uncle Drew framed everything in for us agreed to do a lot of the work for free...I did think "Wow, how nice of him!" But I didn't stop to think how lucky I am to have family like that! What a blessing they are in our lives!!! When the sewer line in our back yard broke, and we had a fountain of sorts every time we flushed the toilet, I never thought to myself "Wow, I am lucky." But today when I realized the drain system had prevented the raw sewage from coming in our house...and it just needs to be cleaned...and that's free for the first year...I did say "Wow, we are lucky!" I was talking to my Aunt at a family party on Sunday about how your life is what you choose. If you choose to see the good in things, happiness will find you. If you choose to be negative, sadness will surely follow. I have decided, there is nothing so important that I need to make sadness appear in my life. If Happiness is where you find it...I choose to find it right here!


Mimi said...

okay hope this doesn't post twice but it wasn't saying it was posting so I am gonna write it again... lol

I love love love this entry! Isn't is SO TRUE! We tend to forget how very blessed we really are at times. Happiness is where you find it and I think we could all find it right where we live if we would but try.
Thanks for today's inspiration!

The Greens said...

Thank you so much for this comment. It was something I really needed to hear!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Maryanne said...

It's so true Lauralee. Why is it that it is SO easy to see the glass half empty, when it's really half full?! I was with a friend last night who's father is dying a miserable death from a cancer-filled body. She is his sole caretaker (after her mom died a miserable death last year). She has a younger sister who is disabled and whom her father used to take care of when he was well, but now it's all on my friend's shoulders. She is taking care of her dad, her disabled sister, and her own husband and 3 kids. PLUS she works full time. The whole time she talked about these trials that she is facing, she had a smile on her face. She even laughed at it a lot when she would describe a typical day for her. I thought (and told her), "How amazing that your life is basically falling apart right now and you have the best attitude I've ever seen!" Her reply was, "If I'm depressed and angry then will that help? No, it just makes things a lot worse - I try to look at the good in my life rather than focus on what's wrong with it."

Words of wisdom we should all live by.

(Wow, that's probably the longest comment any one has ever left on your blog!)