Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sick Kids

Logan and Jonah are both sick. While grandma was babysitting last night, Jonah came down with the garbage and starting to throw up. The average temperature here is 101.8 (and that is taking into account mine is 98.2) Most of last night was spent in a recliner, holding two little sick munchkins. Logan kept saying "Don't hold my brother, that's not a good idea." and "Take care of Logan! No Jonah!" *sigh* I am so glad for the beginning of spring!!! (which is today!!!!! YAY!) We have had our share of sickness here this winter, that is for sure!!!!!!!


Maryanne said...

Hugs and kisses to Logan and Jonah...and their MOM!

The Greens said...

I'm sorry to hear the kids are sick. That is no fun at all. Winter just needs to leave and take all that sickness with it and let Spring make its appearance. Take Care!!