Friday, March 21, 2008

A Riddle

What's worse than sick kids and a fever of 101? Raw sewage in your back yard!!! We had noticed a puddling of water where the dogs had dug in our back yard. My parents brought the truck over early this morning so that we could go get a load of dirt and smooth things out etc. We happened to go outside when someone was in the bathroom. When they flushed, we were treated to a sewage fountain of sorts. The dogs ended up being locked in the shed most of the afternoon while Rescue Rooter tried to fix it ($600 to snake it out, and we'll now have to pay an additional $2,600 to replace the collapsed portion of pipe, so much for Disneyland!)
Anyways, never say "It can't get any worse!" That really borders a dare, doesn't it?
Even worse than the raw sewage in the back yard (ok, not quite) is the fact that we are going to have to get rid of our beautiful 70 year old elm in our yard. It is so beautiful, and one of the reasons that I bought the house!!!!


Maryanne said...

Lauralee - Ewwww! That is nothing short of disgusting! But I do agree that the tragedy lies with the loss of the Elm. That is just sad. I am such an old tree lover!

Jon the Storyteller said...

Hey you, I just linked you in one of my latest blog post. Hope you don't mind.