Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dirty Mess

One of my favorite things is to go dig around in my flower garden. It's fun time for both Logan and I, because I get to play in the dirt and he gets to play with his toys and bikes. During the last week or so I have planted about 7 flats of flowers and a few flats of veggies. I made a goal this year to not buy any of my plants pregrown. Today, I decided to start about a dozen gallon sized flowers and cabbage. I had just planted everything and I walked over to carry all of the plants to the porch leaving the hose on (it was a matter of seconds!!!!) I walked around the corner to find Logan holding the water straight up, the water gushed all over him. He laughed and said, "The water is getting me!!!! I said, "Hey, it's too cold! Now we have to go inside!" That was followed by screaming and a temper tantrum. He ran away and got into the car. (he's fast) I get to the door and he hits the automatic lock button. (I hear him say through the window "Logan's being naughty") So I go into the house to get the keys for the van, I walk outside and there he is standing in the center of 6 pots he has dumped all over the ground....he then begins to jump in the dirt..So basically he was a little naughty mud monster! I picked him up and he gave me the "I'm the cutest boy in the world" look. Then he said, "I'm sorry mommy, I made a mistake." HOW CUTE IS THAT? I just couldn't get mad!

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