Thursday, May 22, 2008

All things potty....

Ok, Logan turned 3 at the beginning of April. He has had absolutely no interest in potty training. My doctor has simply said "If he fights you on it, wait...don't force him." That's easy for him to say! He's not getting the pressure from all directions. I can't tell you how many times people say to me "Well, it's all you. You have to train yourself to take him." (Like I don't spend half of my day trying to get him to use the stupid potty!!!!) Also equally annoying "Well ____ is just about his age and he/she is totally potty trained." (Like I'm the worst mom ever because my kid doesn't quite get it) I have tried to gently get him to do it, but it has been met with equal resistance.
Today I made the goal that Logan is going to wear only "big boy pants" and we were going to get this done. He is still laying on the floor screaming "You're terri-bo(terrible). I want my DADDY!"
I am starting to think that this is never going to happen.
Does anybody have any tips or ideas?


The Greens said...

Yuck! I hate potty training. My son who just turned 4 in November didn't potty train until probably the July before his birthday. I think sometimes they are slower. I think I threatened to put his wet underwear in his face if he peed in them again. I can't remember. (No I never did that) I think he just finally decided he was ready to be a big boy. I also threatened to put a baby diaper on him instead of a pull up and I was going to treat him like a baby. That is when he decided he wanted to be a big boy. Good luck! I love the new layout by the way!

Jenn said...

so, I haven't potty trained yet (despited urges from my pediatrician since cam is so interested in it!) BUT I have read some great ways to try it. You have to commit 1-2 weeks to it... put all diapers/pull ups out of sight. Wake up the first morning, and have Logan teach a stuffed animal to go on the potty, and show him how cool it is to be a big boy. Then do the underpants and lots of drinks all day. Ask every 20-30 minutes if they need to go potty... they should get the hang of it after 1-2 weeks. If not, then put all of the underpants away and wait a few months and try again.