Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

So I have the best husband ever! Obviously today was Mothers day...but Layton totally surprised me and got me the Disney cricut program. WHOO HOO! I am so excited.

We did the church thing today, We went to our block of classes and then directly following that, we went to sacrament meeting in my parents ward. I must say in our ward...they always give out a lovely potted plant. In my parents ward last year...they gave out a pack of gum with the saying "You're 'EXTRA' special Mom"
This year, they gave out lifesavers...yes, lifesavers...not the flotation device (though that may have been a slightly better gift)but the candy lifesavers. I hereby nominate the Clinton 13th ward as the world's worst gift givers (tehe). I was just thinking it might be kind of fun to compile a list of the worst gift everyone has gotten and post it on here.

What was the worst gift that you ever recieved? Let me know!

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Mimi said...

I am not sure of my worst gift but I know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cricut! How exciting he got you the way cool Disney program! Way to go Layton!
Have a GREAT day!