Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fighting back tears

Well, I am fighting back tears. It has been this way for a couple of days now.

I guess I should start from the beginning. I have been so lucky my whole life to have my cousin Jennifer as one of my best little friends. We grew up together, and even when things were hard and I didn't have many friends, I always had Jennifer. Growing up we had sleep overs and played my little pony and barbies together. As teenagers we hung out and went dancing. I was with Jennifer when she met her husband Ryan. She is just about a year younger than me, and our lives had always kind of mirrored each other. I got married, a year later, Jennifer got married. I got pregnant and had my little boy Logan, a year later, she got pregnant...During her pregnancy, Jennifer started to have these terrible migranes. Long story was a brain tumor..stage four nasty cancer! She had surgery, and had to have radiation while she was pregnant. Then after her sweet little Noah was born, she had to undergo over a year of chemo. She was cancer free long enough, I started to feel safe. I wasn't prepared for yesterday.

Noah just turned two. Jennifer had to go have a routine MRI and she now has a couple of more tumors growing in her brain. She is scheduled to have surgery again next week. She is still very positive in her prognosis and has a very good attitude in spite of the gloomy circumstances.

I have learned a lot from Jennifer. She taught me how to be myself and not care what others think of me. More recently, she has taught me to fight all of my struggles head-on with courage and honor. I love this girl, more than I can ever express with words. I can't help but cry, the tears just won't stop. I know she has a hard battle in front of her. Jennifer is a fighter, if any one can overcome this, it would be her; but the battle is going to be tough.

Our family is fasting and praying for her family this Sunday, please anyone who is willing please do the same.


Misty and The Choatester said...

My heart goes out to her and your family!

Mimi said...

Oh I am so very sorry... you can count the Hancock Family in... she will be included in our Fast and in our continued prayers.

Lauralee said...

Thanks everybody!

The Greens said...

Oh Lauralee, I am so sorry. You made me cry. The subject of cancer has been very much a part of my life. My little brother had cancer twice growing up and passed away last year from an unknown disease. It is so difficult to watch a loved one go through that. I am here for you and as well for Jennifer and her family. You will be in my fasting and prayers!!