Friday, May 23, 2008

It's ok to say no!

I must say I absolutely love my visiting teachers. They came and visited yesterday and talked essentially about balancing life. I was feeling fine yesterday. Today I am feeling totally overwhelmed. I had a disagreement with a family member...long story short, I woke up with a migrane this morning. I have a lot of things to do. I need to finish up a work assignment, go to the store, visit a friend who recently had surgery and do some homework. Plus, clean the house and make dinner.
Normally, I would have a really bad attitude about the tasks that I am going to do. But the message yesterday was in essence "It's ok to say no." How cool is that. Really it's pretty basic. I don't know why it's so hard to tell anyone no. I do have a problem with that. When someone calls and says "Do you have time to____?" Even if I don't have time, I would never dream of telling them how busy I am. How dumb is that?
I think that is something that's ingrained in women though. It's like this strange motherly service gene...don't know.
So just for anyone who has anything they want me to do today....I'm listening to my visiting teachers. Today...I'm going to say NO!
(Well,'s something you really need.)

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cw said...

I work with your mom and must say I love reading your blog. You are inspirational, funny, sensitive, and gifted. You need to write a book. I would read it for sure. Keep up the blog and I will read it. There are days your blog makes my day. cw