Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As part of my commitment to tell the people who are closest to me that I love them...This section is going to be dedicated to my baby brother David.

David is by far the funniest person I know. My favorite memory of him is...Well, I must explain...Christmas in our house is a cultural event. You must have experienced a Stephens Christmas to understand the magical strangeness of it all. We sing Christmas songs and it is always wonderful! David got the tambourines from his drum set...I remember looking up at this tall lanky guy flailing his arms around like some beatnik and thinking to myself "I love this guy!" He is HILARIOUS! (I have a picture somewhere...if I can find it, I will post it on here)

David, out of all of us, has had the most trials. But he has overcome all of his trials and anything he puts his mind to...he can do. He decided his Junior year of high school that he wanted to play hockey. He didn't ice skate, he had never played the sport...he just wanted to do it. He was on the school team his Junior and senior year. Honestly, he can do anything. He decided he wanted to play the drums. I must admit...I have had a few "drum headaches" but he is now VERY good.

He rides motorcycles and 4-wheelers..honestly, he is the one who makes us all a little more fun. When he's around, we laugh a little more.

I was at my parents house and I walked over to the coffee table and there was sitting this amazing pastel drawing of an airplane. I was amazed. I assumed that because it was airplane based (and my dad's first love after my mom is airplanes, lol) that it had been drawn by my dad. I asked my mom and she said "Oh, that was David, he was messing around."

David is one of those people who...when he has the drive and determination can accomplish whatever he wants. I have always admired that about him.

He acts all rough and tough, but he has one of the most tender hearts. He is so funny with my boys.

We may fight sometimes, but really I think that is because we are so similar.
I just love this boy. I worry about him, and hope for the best for him.

(Photos on this post were stolen from David's myspace page..sorry for the lack of quality...they were most likely taken by a camera phone)

I know that I don't tell you enough, but I am so proud of you and I love you! I know that you have struggled in your life, but I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. You are such an amazing person! I am so thankful to have you as my brother.

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