Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Something to Offer

I have a pretty good relationship with the people at the Buddhist temple in Layton. I have written quite a few stories involving this temple for our local newspaper. I have learned at least one thing from them. There is something about a Buddhist. Something genuinely kind. They are the most loving, kind most humble, Christ-like people that I have ever met. Honestly. I have never felt so accepted and loved by a total stranger in my life. I know what many of you are saying (at least those who share my religious background) "Well, you mean except Mormons, right?"
No, definately not. I mean including. I can't speak for all Buddhists, but I can speak about the ones that I have met at the Wat Dhammagunaram Buddhist temple. When I spoke to the director for the first time, I thought that it was just her. Then, as I began to cover more and more assignments, I realized that it is these people as a whole. What have I learned from this? There is something to learn from all religions. I may have my core beliefs and my testimony in what I believe, but it's important for me not to fear what other people believe in. I think that there is something that we can learn from all religions. I know the time I have spent with them has taught me to be a little kinder, a little more humble, a little better.


Anonymous said...

My brother would appreciate your post. He is Buddist (born Methodist.) Lovely photo.

Austin said...

thats why I'm buddist..well as close as u can get without needing the label pinned on me

Austin said...
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