Friday, May 23, 2008

The worth of a sticker

We have struggled and struggled to get Logan to actually sit on a toilet, let alone use it. My mom suggested we give him stickers. Honestly I thought to myself, "Wow, I haven't thought of that!"
Now, he's not actually peeing on the toilet, but he is sitting on the toilet and at least humoring me. It was actually quite frustrating because I told him he can't pee in his underwear, so he went 12 hours without going potty. All I can say is...If you can hold it for 12 should be potty trained!!!
Each time as he said "I sit on potty now!" I thought to myself "Wow, all for a stupid sticker!" When he fills the chart, he gets a pizza party. He knows he's not allowed to touch the sticker book until he earns one, then he gets to pick one out. Over the day today, he has earned 6 stickers.
I was working until just a second ago, when I heard these little feet creeping down the steps and I knew that obviously Layton fell asleep before Logan. I looked up and said "What honey?" He ran to me and jumped into my arms and put a sticker at the end of my nose. I said "Did you get into mommy's sticker book?" He said "No momma, it's mine!" I looked down to see this little sticker that had been pulled off by those little fingers, it was bent and not quite sticky...but it was his prize, he earned it. I said "Honey, you earned that, it's for your pizza party." He said simply, "I'll get more tomorrow. I am so proud of you momma! It's for that, cause I'm proud." What a precious little man. I guess he gave me a taste of how special a sticker can make you feel.

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