Sunday, July 20, 2008

101 Things about me

I totally stole this from my friend Emilie, but it was so stinkin' cute I couldn't resist!
Here are 101 things all about me!

1. I love to write
2. I used to hate to camp as a child, now I love it!
3. I love to take pictures.
4. I am pretty artistic, I love writing, photos and anything crafty or artsy.
5. I believe there is some good in all people.
6. I know I'm kind of naive, but that's ok.
7. I think I'm one of the funniest people I know (and I'm humble, lol)
8. My husband and I are polar opposites.
9. I love to sing, but I'm not as good at it as I once thought
10. I am a registered Democrat, and pretty liberal as far as Mormons go
11. I was adopted
12. I am a reporter for the Standard Examiner (greatest job ever)
13. I am very good at what I do.
14. I am going to school in Media Design.
15. Until a few weeks ago, it had been 3 years since Layton and I had been to a movie together.
16. I had my first article published in the newspaper at the age of 17
17. The first article I ever submitted to a magazine for publication was accepted (and I was 17 then too)
18. I hate to fold laundry. There is nothing worse!
19. My favorite calling ever was teaching relief society. (I taught until I got married and moved out of my home ward)
20. I can type so very fast (As fast as people talk)
21. I don't record city council meetings. (Listening to a recorded council meeting is like having to attend twice!)
22. I can be mouthy on occasion.
23. I used to work for the airlines.
24. I visited Hawaii 4 times in 1 year.
25. I have a paralyzing fear of heights.
26. I believe fervently in my religion
27. I think there is something to learn from all religions
28. I have a special love of Buddhists/Buddhism (I worked quite often with those at the Buddhist temple in Layton, they are such wonderful kind people!)
29. I love Barenaked Ladies (the band)
30. Steven Page is my favorite band member
31. Layton (my husband) refused to allow me to name our first son Steven. (because our last name is Stephenson)
32. I have always wanted a monkey
33. I consider myself a good friend.
34. I blog nearly every day
35. I am good person
36. No one says my name right, not even my husband
37. I once snuck out of the house and drove my parents truck when I didn't even have a license. Pulling the truck back into the garage, I hit the lawnmower and broke the wheel off. I never got caught. My dad actually got blamed. My mom actually said "Kerry, you have to be more careful!"
38. I never said anything and let him take the blame. (sorry Dad!)
39. I have always been a tattle-tale
40. I don't cook nearly as well as my mom (when it comes to her recipes)
41. Many of my menu items are better than hers though (I think)
42. Someday I hope to have a book published
43. I am always working on a novel
44. I am a writer, but I hate to read
45. I have always read on a much higher grade level.
46. I am a talker
47. I was painfully shy as a child
48. I am 2 inches taller than my husband
49. My office is almost always cluttered.
50. Things that are messy drive me crazy
51. I wish I could spend more time with my Grandpa Glanville.
52. I think I won the parent lottery!
53. I don't have a calling in my ward currently
54. I like to go visiting teaching
55. I am easy to talk to
56. I have 2 dogs: Lewis and Clark
57. I don't allow animals in my house.
58. My favorite color is Burgundy
59. My favorite color combination is brown and pink
60. Logan was named after Wolverine, but Layton never knew that until he was 3 months old.
61. Jonah was almost named "Aiden" but my dad talked us out of it.
62. Jonah was my dad's idea (he was giving suggestions of names like Ezekiel etc. and then he said Jonah...and I was like 'yeah, I love that!")
63. When I named my first son Logan, I thought it was an original name
64. I love the name Lucy for a little girl
65. I am convinced that I will never have a little girl
66. I'm not a real fan of pizza
67. My beverage of choice is always lemonade
68. I hate carbonation.
69. I read Little Women when I was in 3rd grade
70. My favorite book of all time Is "Picture of Dorian Gray"
71. I love the way Ray Bradbury writes (even though he is really wordy)
72. One of my pet peeves is people who take 11000 words to say something they could in two sentences. (I call them "over-writers")
73. Another pet peeve is when people say things like "I could care less" um, it should be "I couldn't care less!"
74. Irregardless (another pet peeve)'s regardless!
75. I have a lot of pet peeves dealing with writing.
76. I am a really good editor.
77. I am kind of sloppy in grammar and speech on my blog. I'm not really sure why.
78. I think my Grandma Glanville is one step away from being translated. She is the kindest most giving person I know.
79. I can be loud.
80. I have an amazing memory. (I'm like an elephant, I never forget!)
81. It bugs me when people question my memory because they don't remember what I'm talking about.
82. I live in a old 1942 little home, and I love it that way!
83. I have a tender heart.
84. We found a hidden room in our basement while remodeling
85. I am allergic to being pregnant (quite honestly)
86. I would love to adopt a child
87. I like to try unique and weird foods.
88. I love sushi
89. I am still mourning the closing of "My Girlfriend's Kitchen"
90. I was in a rollover car accident
91. I walked away from a rollover car accident, my whole family did
92. I have an ipod, but I still don't know how to turn it off.
93. I am doing this at 10:56 p.m. (I have to be up at 6 am for school)
94. I would do my job for free. I feel really lucky to get paid to write
95. I do not like Star Wars.
96. If I never had to watch a sporting event again, that would be alright.
97. I have watched shows about scrapbooking
98. I found the video of an autopsy that was shown in my Bio-med class fascinating.
99. I have a hard time dealing with vomit.
100. I love the shows Bones and House, but hardly ever get to watch them
101. I love comedies (ie Napolean Dynamite and Tommy Boy type) and crappy 80s movies like Masters of the Universe (with Dolph Lundgren)

I tag Misty, Maryanne, Mimi, and Marisol!


M. Dunham said...

Awww crap, I've been tagged. o.o I'll do that, I promise! Some interesting stuff about you.

I too suffer from the name thing. My hubby often forgets the correct pronunciation as well.

Your new background is cute. You must be in a camping mood. :P

Misty and The Choatester said...

I'm so glad you tagged me. I read this on Emilie's blog and thought it sounded fun....Now I have to think of all of those things. LOL