Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Caramel corn-a recipe for disaster

Sorry in advance for the double post today (and it's still early in the day!!)
Last night, in celebration of my completing my math 1/4 the amount of time typical...I decided to make caramel corn. I called my Grandma Stephens for her recipe because she makes the best caramel corn ever. So We chatted for a minute and then she gave me this recipe...and I remember thinking "Wow, that doesn't even sound familiar." I have made it before. But I started to make it. Normally grandma's caramel corn is not real brown. It's a karo-y kind of clear. just delicious. Well, this recipe, definately had more brown sugar in it than the recipe used previously. Also...there wasn't enough butter in it so it made like a brown sugar-like paste. So I added another cube of butter and it turned out OK. (not great, but ok) Logan loved it because it was pure sugary goodness. So I am mixing the caramel in the popcorn and one piece falls onto the glass where I had just made the sauce (we have a glass top range) Logan picked it up with his little fingers and then started to scream these terrible wails. I picked him up and threw his hands under the cold water. That is where he stood for 1 1/2 hours. Every time I turned the water off, he would scream "IT HURTS SO BAD!!!" Finally, he fell asleep in my arms with me holding his hand in the water and I was able to put him in bed. It's so sad, he has these little blisters on the pads of his fingertips.

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